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Meteum.AI Pushing the boundaries of weather AI forecasting

AI-driven weather and climate tech

In the realm of AI-driven weather forecasting, Meteum stands as a trailblazer for technological innovation and precision. With constant refinement, Meteum’s approach to weather forecasting through advanced machine learning (ML) and comprehensive data analysis remains a bleeding-edge industry standard.

For over six years, Meteum has been harnessing the power of machine learning to forecast key weather parameters such as temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Our forecasts extend up to 10 days in advance, with additional detailed predictions for precipitation and cloud cover at 10-minute intervals for the upcoming two hours.

High-resolution forecast

Meteum’s precision delivers great value to agriculture, retail, mining, logistics, and other industries. We offer forecasts with a resolution of 2x2 km, and in complex terrains like mountainous regions, our resolution sharpens to 100x100 m. This level of detail far surpasses traditional global weather models that typically provide no more than 13x13 km resolution.

But Meteum’s forecasting prowess isn’t limited to local data. Understanding the interconnectedness of global weather patterns, such as global warming, is crucial. Having this global perspective is vital for accurate weather prediction.

Weather patterns come to life through stunning visualizations:

Meteum weather dashboard

Untitled-4 (1)

What makes Meteum stand out with an 18% increase in accuracy compared to global models?

With this in mind, we make sure that our data sources are diverse and extensive. Meteum’s AI uses up-to-date measurements from geostationary satellites, meteorological radars, weather stations, and over 1 million daily user reports. By processing over 5 TB of meteorological data, Meteum delivers more than 162 million forecasts per hour. This is made possible by our powerful ensemble of 40 ML models, which undergo weekly updates and improvements based on a petabyte of varied meteorological information.

By employing Meteum technology, we enhance weather prediction accuracy significantly, outperforming global weather models by up to 18% in precipitation and temperature forecasts.

In conclusion, Meteum’s innovative use of ML and its integration of global weather data have established new benchmarks in the field of weather forecasting. As the climate continues to evolve rapidly, our technology remains at the forefront, offering precise and reliable predictions essential for decision-making in various sectors affected by weather and climate.

Discover Meteum weather and climate products

Meteum offers a variety of products for businesses, including GraphQL and REST API for accessing weather data, historical weather data, an insights platform, and a weather dashboard. Discover which product is best suited for your needs and receive a free consultation from our knowledgeable tech team.

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