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Meteum.AI: 2023 review

2023 marked a milestone year
for the Meteum team

Our global footprint expanded with colleagues in Brazil and Indonesia, bridging a 10-hour time difference. This enables the Meteum team to operate nearly 24/7, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


In terms of technology, we've achieved significant strides in our weather and climate capabilities. Our precipitation map now spans all continents, excluding Antarctica. We've introduced a proprietary water temperature model and enhanced air temperature accuracy in mountainous regions. Furthermore, our machine learning models have been fine-tuned to incorporate data from automatic weather stations, complementing the existing six forecast sources utilized by Meteum for unparalleled accuracy in nowcasting.

We've harnessed the power of user data, aggregating 171 million rain reports worldwide to refine our precipitation nowcast. This, coupled with global forecast models, satellites, radars, on-ground stations, and other data sources, fortifies the reliability of our model.


For businesses, we've launched four new products, expanding beyond our API. Our weather platform now empowers operations, analytics, finance, and maintenance teams across various industries with features like triggers, alerts, scenarios, and reports. Additionally, we offer seasonal forecasts, a weather dashboard for precise monitoring, and historical weather data since 1950.

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Our presence was felt at expos in Egypt and Dubai. We had dozens of insightful business meetings with experts who are concerned about the impact of climate change on long-term strategy and the need for short-term forecasts that affect daily operations. This year, we forged new business partnerships, further enriching our vision.

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The credibility of our climate and weather products is backed by a team of professional meteorologists, oceanologists, and climatologists. We further expanded our team, welcoming new highly skilled experts in meteorology, business development, machine learning, IT, product, and marketing.

It has been a busy year! The Meteum team FORECASTS you happy holidays and an energetic start to 2024. Thank you for being with us.

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