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Beyond Forecast: Introducing Weather Insights by Meteum

Many businesses rely on standard weather APIs or consumer-focused apps for their operational needs. However, these solutions don’t really meet the unique demands of various industries. While the weather parameters are there, making use of them is tons of work, requiring users to either develop their own software for weather data analysis or manually maintain extensive data sheets. 

Meteum aims to fill this vacuum by offering an innovative approach. We empower businesses to seamlessly integrate weather forecasts into their operational decision-making. Now is the time to transition to Meteum, a weather insights platform tailored to meet the requirements of any industry.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of Meteum. We’ll show how it not only surpasses the limitations of standard weather APIs and consumer apps, but also simplifies weather condition evaluation, enhances your understanding of weather-related risks, and, most importantly, elevates your decision-making process.


Weather Forecast vs. Weather Insights: What’s the Difference?

Weather forecasts typically provide general information on expected weather conditions, delivering raw outputs from weather models that encompass various weather parameters.

On the other hand, weather insights arise from detailed analysis of single or multiple parameters, leading to a precise evaluation of weather conditions and their potential impact on business operations.

Weather Forecast  Weather Insights

12° C

Heavy rain with a 90% chance of precipitation on Saturday for London.

Anticipate heavy rain on Saturday in London.

This could lead to an increased demand for ride-hailing services.

22° C

Cloudy with a 75% chance of rain on Monday for Santiago.

Heavy rainfall is expected on Monday in Santiago. Cropfields may experience nutrient leaching, necessitating additional fertilization.

36° C

Sunny with a 0% chance of rain on Friday for Jakarta.

Jakarta is predicted to experience a heatwave on Friday. Expect a surge in demand for air-conditioning units and cooling products.

5° C

Partly cloudy with strong winds and a 60% chance of hail on Wednesday for Oslo.

Oslo is likely to experience large-diameter hail and strong winds on Wednesday. Insurance claims may be on the rise due to widespread vehicle damage.

-2° C 

Mostly clear with an 80% chance of snow on Sunday evening for Kraków.

Kraków is expected to receive heavy snowfall on Sunday, leading to an increased demand for winter clothing, snow boots, and snow removal equipment in local stores.


As illustrated, weather insights go beyond merely providing weather data; they deliver relevant, actionable insights that enable businesses to make more informed decisions.

Choose Meteum:
Optimize Your Operations With Localized Weather Insights


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Unlock Accurate, In-depth Weather Data

Meteum’s weather insights platform provides a wide array of datasets, arming businesses with the critical information needed for data-driven decision-making. Our offerings include:

  • Hyperlocal weather forecasts up to 30 days in advance
  • High-resolution precipitation forecasts via our Rain API
  • Long-term seasonal forecasts up to a year into the future

By aggregating and analyzing a multitude of weather parameters, Meteum delivers accurate, reliable, and timely data businesses can depend on.

Ease of Use, Industry Expertise, and Flexibility

Meteum’s intuitive user interface ensures even users without a technical background can easily navigate and leverage its powerful features. This user-friendly design allows businesses to integrate the platform smoothly into their existing workflows, accelerating processes and boosting efficiency. There’s no need to construct an in-house solution and constantly adjust it, or to spend countless hours analyzing data. Meteum neatly packages everything and delivers it to you in an instant.

Going above and beyond, Meteum offers scenarios tailored to specific industries. Our dedicated team constantly studies the unique needs of various sectors, enabling us to understand and address the practical challenges businesses face due to weather fluctuations.

Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, Meteum allows businesses to create unique weather scenarios in line with their individual needs. This adaptability equips companies with the tools to make well-informed, real-time decisions that positively influence their operations. For instance, agriculture-based companies can benefit significantly from crop-specific advice, such as ideal conditions for planting, spraying, and harvesting.

Meteum Weather Insights Platform

Meteum’s weather insights platform is transforming industries that heavily rely on accurate and reliable weather forecasting. By providing comprehensive weather data, industry-specific expertise, and adaptable tools, we empower businesses to make informed decisions that enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and bolster profitability.We’re confident that our suite of scenarios and the platform’s capabilities will cover most of your business needs. If you’re ready to experience Meteum firsthand, sign up for a demo. Even if the link between weather and your operations isn’t immediately clear, or appears overly complex, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With our extensive experience in data analysis, we’ll guide you in creating a custom scenario that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

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